Custom Woodwork - Kitchens, Stairways, Cabinetry, Solid Wood Doors, Timberframe and Yacht Furniture

At Berman & Berman Interiors Inc., we subscribe to tried and true traditional values and ideologies. On every project, it is our desire to not only provide our client with the best possible results for the budget, but in doing so to establish a relationship of trust. The success in doing that results in smoother, stress free projects. We understand that this business is all about people, about how we can meet the needs of our clients, and maybe set a good example along the way. Every project taken on by us is built as if it were built for family, plain and simple.

Our motto of "Excellence, Integrity, and Dependability" is considered the foundational element of our business.

Our commitment to you begins with listening to your thoughts and ideas and results in a final product that you and your client will be very happy with. As such, we have teamed up with three strong suppliers.

ArtCraft Kitchens is North America's leading cabinet manufacturer - not just kitchens but also libraries, wine cellars, (home) offices, closets and vanities.

We also represent Kenedy Stairs for all your needs in Staircases and hand railings. Not only the traditional kind made of wood but we are also your one-stop address for modern stair systems, in stainless steel, glass and everything in between.

We are also proud to represent Byrcon Wood Products. Byrcon Wood Products manufactures interior and exterior doors out of solid wood. Mahogany, white and red oak, walnut, ash, hickory etc., etc. Send us a list of your requirements and we will custom-make your doors exactly the way you order them from us. You can arrange pick up or we deliver.

We also use advanced building techniques not employed by most companies to ensure perfect fit when your cabinets, stairs and doors arrive at your site.

With our reputation on the line, we wouldn't have it any other way.